In the history of the construction and the defense of the nation by our ancestors, there has been the wars against the invaders and to protect the territorial integrity of the country. Throughout the reigns Ngo, Dinh, Le, Ly, Tran.. the tradition against aggressors of our ancestors was more and more upholden.

Bach Dang sea battleOne of the resistance that is considered to be the greatest in the history of the nation was the resistance on Bach Dang River against Mongolian army in the 1288 during the Tran Dynasty. The preservation area of the battle is located in the town of Quang Yen, Quang Ninh Province. The vestiges of the battle remain in the wide areas of many stakes aged to almost a thousand years such as: Yen Giang, Dong Van Muoi, Dong Ma Ngua and such historical evidences as the two ironwood trees, Tran Hung Dao Temple, temple of the Female King.. To its value of history, culture and science, the Prime Minister approved to recognize the Bach Dang historical relic as a special National Monuments.

the preservation area of bach dang sea battleThe master plan to preserve and promote the value of the historical victory aims to educate, to memorize the patriotic tradition for generations of Vietnamese, to introduce to the international friends about history of Vietnam and to serve the cause of social and economic development. At the same time, plan the travel routes that link the monuments, to bring the space of tangible and intangible culture into a general plan of preservation, lead the people living in the planning area to join the preservation of the relics and the intangible culture. The scale of the master plan is of 380 ha, including 11 relics that are temples, shrines, stakes areas…And it’s been carried out from 2012 to 2025, divided into three stages.

The source of capital to implement the plann is raised from the central budget, the local budget and from tourism activities as well as from donations of organizations and businesses.